Sunday, August 30, 2009

Freeze Dried Peonies and Craft Peonies

NEW - FREEZE dried Peonies

Quantity: 4 LARGE FULL PEONY HEADS and 8 SMALL CRAFT Peony irregular Heads

I Bought these for a project and Never used them, I bought them for $35 Dollars plus $13 Shipping So this is a great deal
You will have to RE-shape them when you receive them, by steaming in the shower and then re-working the petals (that is the advice that FLYBOY naturals gave to me)

Bought from :FLYBOY Naturals eco-friendly freeze dried peonies, flowers, wedding petals
"PREMIUM QUALITY, freeze dried assorted Colors & Sizes. Special 4-5 pack depending on the head size....freeze dried peony...Classic favorite with a modern twist. Assorted pack has a variety which may include white, off white, light pink. Peonies range in size 3"-6" across...Normally packed 4 blooms, assorted sizes & colors. Wonderful on a wreath...mix with roses & lilacs to create the feel of garden indoors all year long. CRAFT PEONIES: Craft Quality Freeze Dried Peony...$31.00 OFF! Some imperfections that can be tucked into wreaths, arrangements, swags, garlands and more. Great bargin! Limited Supply."
please visit their website for questions and more info.

Yours for $25 bucks! i paid $50!


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