Sunday, August 30, 2009

Freeze Dried Peonies and Craft Peonies

NEW - FREEZE dried Peonies

Quantity: 4 LARGE FULL PEONY HEADS and 8 SMALL CRAFT Peony irregular Heads

I Bought these for a project and Never used them, I bought them for $35 Dollars plus $13 Shipping So this is a great deal
You will have to RE-shape them when you receive them, by steaming in the shower and then re-working the petals (that is the advice that FLYBOY naturals gave to me)

Bought from :FLYBOY Naturals eco-friendly freeze dried peonies, flowers, wedding petals
"PREMIUM QUALITY, freeze dried assorted Colors & Sizes. Special 4-5 pack depending on the head size....freeze dried peony...Classic favorite with a modern twist. Assorted pack has a variety which may include white, off white, light pink. Peonies range in size 3"-6" across...Normally packed 4 blooms, assorted sizes & colors. Wonderful on a wreath...mix with roses & lilacs to create the feel of garden indoors all year long. CRAFT PEONIES: Craft Quality Freeze Dried Peony...$31.00 OFF! Some imperfections that can be tucked into wreaths, arrangements, swags, garlands and more. Great bargin! Limited Supply."
please visit their website for questions and more info.

Yours for $25 bucks! i paid $50!


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Navy Blue Long Cotton Leggings and Purple and Magenta Pashmina FALL fashion Scarfs


LONG navy cotton Leggings, I have these in Navy and Black, perfect for every outfit, Wear with boots, flats, pumps etc. summer, fall, winter, spring, for EVERY season!
These are my favorite fashion item.

Adorable Pashmina's. I have this in Teal, these are beautiful colors. and I will probably just keep them if they dont sell! So beautiful Perfect Fall Colors. Perfect accessory Fashion Scarf to any outfit!


Friday, August 14, 2009

Fabulous Teal Blue Fashionable Ankle Booties

These Teal Ankle Booties are So fabulous! I bought them for myself, but unfortunatly It makes me too tall for my partner. Uggh! So I am selling them for less. Originally $39.99 They are Brand New, Never been worn, Snug size 7, fits like 6.5. Suede, 4 inch heel.

Click on Picture for LARGER view!

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Fashion Necklaces and Ring

Beautiful Necklaces, So Fun Flirty, I adore! $7-9 dollars! Forever 21


Monday, August 3, 2009

Beautiful Rose Bead Cabochon Supplies!

Fun Different Types of Rose Cabochons
Make a necklace, make a ring!

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